( 12128489 Canada Inc. )


  • IPv4/IPv6 Leasing
  • Virtual Private Servers
  • Reseller Hosting

Address Blocks

  • 2602:fcd3::/36
  • 2a0f:9400:8009::/48
AS Name
6939 Hurricane Electric
53667 FranTech Solutions
34927 iFog GmbH

BGP Filtering

MD5 authentication is strongly preferred. We accept prefixes of length /24 and shorter for IPv4 and /48 or shorter for IPv6. We will discard anything longer. We use max-prefix filters for all peerings, usually at 110% of your AS-SET at the time of setup. We will discard prefixes where NEXT_HOP doesn't match the neighbor's IP address. We will discard prefixes where the first AS in the AS_PATH doesn't match the neighbor's AS. We will discard prefixes with Private AS anywhere in the AS_PATH. We will discard bogon prefixes as designated by IANA.

Peering Privacy

Only send us traffic which is destined for the routes we announce. Please do not point default routes to us for traffic that does not match the announced routes. Please only send us traffic originating from your own networks, including downstreams. You must operate a Network Operations Center which can be reached by email at any time. Abuse complaints must be responded to. We suggest that peers set a max-prefix limit of 500 (IPv4) and 500 (IPv6) routes on sessions approved by us.